One of the most common complaints of homeowners, especially those who are trying to sell their homes, is that the double pane glass windows in their home are fogged. A fogged window is glass in your home that has water, moisture or droplets inside of it. Oftentimes, this leaves mineral deposits on the window glass. Sometimes, the fogginess disappears, but it will always reappear. It is not possible to remove this moisture.


A double pane glass unit is two sheets of glass that are glued together with a strong adhesive known as butyl. This butyl seal can withstand between 5-20 years of abuse — sun, rain and stress — before it breaks down. Once the seal is breached, water gets inside the two pieces of glass, causing fog.

There are two ways to treat fogged double pane glass windows.

Replace the window
Replacing the window means taking the entire window out – trim, vinyl and glass. Replacing windows is a more expensive option. Replacement windows are a fantastic investment that provide better energy efficiency, increased convenience and can add value to your house.

Repair the double pane glass

Repairing a double pane glass unit means getting measurements of the old glass unit. Once that is done, a new unit is manufactured. Swapping out the old glass unit with the new one is accomplished in 15 minutes to an hour. This option is less expensive, but just as effective at removing moisture, maintaining energy efficiency, and keeping the value inside your home.

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No messy clean up. No damage to paint or trim. We even take your old glass with us and dispose of it safely.

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