On March 27, 2012 Lightning Glassworks successfully installed 3 new windows at a bank building in Colorado Springs. Two of these windows needed to be replaced due to a manufacture error that had produced the wrong color tint on the windows. The third window had been cracked after a BB was shot through it.

The windows on this building were painted with a bronze reflective coating and mirrored on one side, thus giving them a unique color.  Lightning Glassworks was able to match this color to the other windows on the building that had been replaced in the past.

Check out the following galleries to get a glimpse of how the project was completed and what the building looked like before and after. Even some deer were interested in what was going on!

Gallery 1 (5 Pictures): ‘Before’ pictures of the building.  The two dark windows at the bottom of building were miscolored. The higher window has been boarded up and is broken.

Gallery 2 (10 Pictures): Taking out the old panes from the lower windows.

Gallery 3 (9 Pictures): Replacing panes in the lower windows and replacing the broken glass in the higher window.

Gallery 5 (4 Pictures): What the building looked like after we were finished. Its quite hard to figure out which panes were replaced now!

Gallery 6 (4 Pictures): Deer inspecting the project.

Please note that all permits and safety precautions were followed during this project. All pictured participants are professional glaziers.

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