Glass repair Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is an established glass repair and window screen company that serves the Colorado Springs area. The company has been offering unmatchable glass and window repair services for over three decades. Some of the services provided by Lightning Glassworks include window screens installation, window replacement and repair, fogged window repair, and balance lifter replacement. glass-repair-stetson-hills-colorado-springs-80922

Why Choose Lightning Glassworks & Screens?

Lightning Glassworks & Screens provides simple to complex glass solutions in Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs and the neighboring area. The company has a resume of 30 years of experience plus qualified technicians who have mastered the art of professional services involving different types of glass, such as insulated and tinted window glass. Below are some of the primary services provided by Lightning Glassworks:

Window Glazing

Lightning Glassworks & Screens takes pride in being one of the fastest companies to offer home window glass repairs and window replacement in Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs. We supply materials to the site and offer emergency services while fixing broken glass. If you have a project that requires window or glass solutions, contact us for quality and a fast turnaround time. At Lightning Glassworks, we utilize innovative ways to solve our customer needs. What’s more, our glass services are tailored to meet your demands.

New Window Screens and Window Re-screens

With over 30 years’ experience in the glass industry, our qualified technicians have the experience required to accurately and safely fix window screens. Our company can replace or repair old and broken window screens. Additionally, Lightning Glassworks & Screens can repair or replace broken window panes for both residential and commercial properties. Our experts have the know-how to handle different types of glass, from simple to complex applications.

Window Replacement

Lightning Glassworks & Screens uses innovative techniques to solve customers’ needs. For instance, we can replace windows without exposing ourselves and your home to dangerous substances like asbestos. Our window replacement services are affordable: we can replace your windows on a recurring, 1 at time basis. We also provide balance lifter replacement, repair foggy windows, and patio door glass repair.

Storefront Glass

Storefront glass can provide your customers with a welcoming experience. Stores, malls, and executive office space fitted with storefront glass are beautiful and inviting. Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a leading contractor in installing top-class storefront glass. Before installation of the storefront glass, our company ensures the product is of high quality and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Commercial Glass Repair

Commercial glass repair is another service provided by Lightning Glassworks & Screens to businesses in Stetson Hills, Colorado. Few jobs are too big or too small for our highly skilled team. We have the required equipment and a pool of professional technicians who have the knowledge of how best to fix, repair, and replace commercial glass.

Contact us today for Window and Glass Repair Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs

It’s noteworthy to mention that we work on your schedule, providing the most convenient service you. We also have an emergency response team to attend to our customers who need prompt window repairs.

You can reach out to us in Stetson Hills for any window screen or window replacement services through 719-649-4001 to book an appointment. You can also schedule a visit or get our free estimate. We have friendly customer service who are ready to answer your questions and provide further guidance. After that, our company will arrange for a site visit to assess your glass work needs. Our service rates are the most affordable and pocketbook-friendly in Colorado Springs.

We offer emergency services from Monday to Thursday. This means that our certified technicians can repair double pane windows within 1 day. However, more complex glass repair or window screens services take additional time, as do non-emergency repair. Safety glass repairs and window replacements require 1-4 weeks of lead time. Similarly, holidays and unavoidable circumstances may cause delays to our service delivery.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens: The Glass Company that is Reliable

As the population of Colorado Springs has grown, so has our highly-proficient team of glass solution experts. Each team member believes that quality should never compromised: from the manufacture of glass and window screens, to installation, repair, and replacement services. Our speed, experience and expertise have helped us meet the needs of our customers. Lightning Glassworks & Screen is insured, licensed, and approved with Compliance Depot.

Choose Lightning Glassworks & Screens for glass repair Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs

Local operation

  • Our company is family owned & operated, providing a grassroots feel that helps customers know they are understood and better served by a team of professionals near them.

Mobile service; we come to you

  • Glass repair services are available at your home or business for your convenience. Our experts come to where you are to provide glass repair services.

Safety standards

  • All our work is done with the highest regard for the safety our employees as well as the customer.


  • Once we have scheduled an appointment, we provide timely delivery, striving to keep our words. The only waiting time required is during the manufacturing process, which is communicated to the customer.

Customer Service

  • Excellent customer service has been a value bestowed to our customers since the company’s inception. Positive customer feedback reaffirms that we can meet and beat our clients’ expectations.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens in Stetson Hills, Colorado, is an apt glass and window solution provider with many years in business. The company utilizes the latest technology, which enables the manufacturing of high quality and efficient materials tailored to diverse customer needs. We offer a range of window screens and window replacement services with an excellent reputation for excellence and precision. Our services are the industry’s best. Feel free to contact us and let Lightning Glassworks & Screens work on your next project.