Glass repair Peyton, Colorado

Peyton, CO, is a small town near Colorado Springs, a place ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails and proximity to the Rocky Mountains give residents plenty of ways to enjoy themselves outdoors. The community is also home to Lightning Glassworks & Screens, a comprehensive window replacement and window screens repair company. They’ve been in business for over 30 years, providing glass repair Peyton. Here are some more details about the different services that they 80831

Balance Lifter Replacement

The balance lifter repair services from Lightning Glassworks and Screens fix the mechanism that slows your windows to smoothly open and close and the equipment that holds them safely open. When your windows get stuck or jammed, it’s hard to effectively open and close the window, and a window that won’t stay open can be dangerous for a child’s small fingers or a curious pet.

Sometimes the balance lifter is to loose or some of the parts need to be replaced. Our techs assess the damage of the lifter and find just the right parts for a fast fix. Our years of experience have made us familiar with all different types of windows so we can quickly, efficiently repair the damage. This can be a better alternative to a complete window replacement and much less expensive.

Fogged Window Repair

Fogged windows occur when the seals between a double or triple-paned window weaken. These insulated windows are filled with an inert gas that prevents moisture build-up. When the seals weaken, the gas escapes and moisture accumulates between the panes. This creates foggy glass. In the past, foggy windows meant that you’d have to undergo a complete window replacement, but not anymore. With professional glass repair Peyton residents can have their foggy windows fixed without springing for an expensive replacement.

Window defogging solutions: are they effective?

We don’t recommend you use a defogging kit yourself at home. The process doesn’t restore the insulation between the panes but it does remove the moisture and makes the windows less unsightly. There are DIY kits, but they can be difficult to use and may not produce the results you want. These can also be difficult to use, and if you do it wrong, you may need to replace the window completely. In addition, window defogging kits are often ineffective. The “repair” usually only lasts a short time. No defogging process can replace the thermal insulation property of the window. Small holes are drilled in the window, which allows the moisture to leave, then, an anti-fogging solution is inserted between the panes. After that, a liquid sealant is inserted and finally, the holes drilled are sealed.

A window defogging kit is ineffective because the seal of the glass is already ruined. The defogging kit does not fix the defective part of the seal. In addition, window defogging introduces a new defect to the glass: small holes. Not only does this further compromise the thermal value of the glass, it also compromises the integrity of the window. This can lead to a higher risk of window breakage.

A better solution for fogged window glass

Our solution for fogged window glass is more effective than defogging and nearly as affordable. We replace the whole sealed double pane glass unit, but we don’t replace the whole window frame. Our local Colorado company manufactures our own double pane glass units.

First, we come to your home and take accurate measurements of the fogged glass. Then, we manufacture a new double pane glass unit: no compromises, no holes and a new seal. Next, we return to your home and swap out the old glass with the new glass. You are never left without a window.

Repairing a double pane window unit is effective and safe. It fixes the issue of foggy glass, restores the thermal value and ensures your home is fixed the right way.

Single Pane Glass Repair Peyton

Single pane glass is most common in homes built before 1970. This means that these windows aren’t often manufactured anymore. It’s because single pane glass is less energy-efficient and easier to break.

When your single pane glass does break, you’ll need an expert glass repair company to custom-cut a new piece of glass. Our techs will measure the space, custom-cutting the replacement pane onsite. You may also ned the frame repaired, and we can take care of that, too. However, if we can’t fully repair the frame to accommodate the new glass, you may need to replace the window.

Double Pane Glass Repair Peyton

Lightning Glass and Screens also repairs double-paned glass. These repairs are a little more tricky. The process is similar to our fogged window repair process. We must make two trips to your residence: 1 to measure the glass and 1 to install the new double pane unit. Our repairs can generally be completed in less than a week.

When you have one pane in a double-paned window break, we’ll replace both, as it’s more difficult to break the seals between the two panes just to fix 1 side. It’s still a cheaper fix than replacing the whole window.

Our services include tempered safety glass repairs for patio door glass.

Window Replacements

Despite our efforts to save you, our customer, money with a window repair, the window may be too damaged to fix. Or, we can replace older windows for something more energy-efficient or if you simply want a better look. Upgraded and replaced windows help your Peyton home stay warmer in harsh Colorado winters and cooler in the summer. You can benefit from lower energy bills, too.

Old, worn-out windows or those damaged by hail are easily replaced by our company. We also offer recurring window replacement services for property managers, helping upgrade apartments or rental homes gradually over a period of time. We can work with any budget and timeline. If you aren’t sure what type is best for you, we can help with recommendations, as well.

Window Screens

Upgrading or adding window screens can help reduce the amount of pollen and pests that get into your home, letting you enjoy the fresh air. Screens also keep your home safer and more comfortable, as they reflect away heat to keep the interior cool.

Lightning Glassworks and Screens offers especially tough “pet-proof” screens that are designed to be more durable than regular screens. Pets and small children can easily damage your screens. To replace your existing screens with these, we take your screen frames to our shop and fit the new screen cloth to them, for a perfect seal.

Commercial Glass Repair Peyton

We also offer commercial glass repair services for restaurants, offices, and retailers. We can even perform commercial glass repair on high-rise buildings. Our technicians can complete any type of glass repair, even for those with alarms.

Perhaps you’ve had deliberate damages or a customer accident that broke your window. We can come out right away, even with an emergency. We can also help when you’re remodeling your business space, by carefully removing your old windows and installing new ones with or Low-E windows that help meet government standards or energy-efficient windows.

Storefront Glass

Plate glass windows give your business a professional look and allow window shoppers to admire your wares. This attracts more customers, but these large windows require an expert to install. We only use the best materials making sure that your business is protected with strong glass. No matter what size your window is, we can complete the installation. We can handle all your commercial glass fabrication, repair, and installation needs, no matter what size your window is. Our quality storefront windows add beauty and safety to your retail or office space.