Glass Repair Stratmoor, Colorado Springs 80906

glass-repair-stratmoor-colorado-springs-80906In both commercial and residential establishments, windows play a critical role. Apart from allowing natural light into the room, windows also ensure efficient ventilation. At Lighting Glassworks & Screens, we provide unparalleled glass repair Stratmoor services. With over three decades of industrial experience, we can handle any window replacement or installation projects. Take advantage of our extensive service portfolio that encompasses all kinds of window repair work. Whether it is a ripped window screen or a cracked glass pane, we will handle it. We also respond to emergencies within a short time and can repair a window in less than 24 hours.

Fogged Glass Repair Stratmoor, Colorado Springs

During a hot, humid day, double-pane windows may appear foggy and moist. That problem is mostly caused by window seal failure. Condensation within the insulating chamber between the panes can cause increased moisture and dirt. By hiring our professional foggy window repair services, you get competent, quick, and quality window-seal repairs. Furthermore, we help you avoid dealing with the expense and mess that come along with replacing windows.

Balance Lifter Replacement

Windows feature balance lifters to enable the occupants of a home or office to lower or raise the sash along the sides of the frame. The spring balances are the ones that allow for the vertical movement and maintain the sash in the same position until adjusted again. Sometimes the balance lifters may develop issues because of a broken spring or cord, making it challenging to open and adjust the level of the sash as you please. That’s when you need to consider balance lifter replacement. Our company representatives understand the best approach to detach the spring system from the frames and replace it with the appropriately fitting replacement components. They know the function of each part of the balance and utilize project-specific tools to install the replacement balance to ensure the window functions as it were new.

Window Replacement

We all agree that window repairs not only save you time, but it saves you money as well. However, there comes a time when merely repairing it is not sufficient to remedy the damage or fault on the window. That’s when you should contact Lightning Glassworks & Screens to provide expert window replacement services. We sometimes ask our clients to consider replacing the entire window, instead of simply repairing them, because the repair costs may rival the expenses involved in purchasing a full window. Depending on the type of window you have in your home or office, an expensive repair may as well warrant the need for a total replacement. Our technicians have experienced numerous types of windows. You can rest assured that your window replacement work is under the watch of a professional technician.

Commercial Glass Repair Stratmoor

For more than 30 years, our window screen and glass service company has worked with commercial establishments in Colorado Springs, ensuring that they receive nothing but reliable and trustworthy solutions for their commercial glass needs. The company ranks among Colorado’s top commercial window and glass company, with the experience and skill to undertake any glass repair. Furthermore, our commercial glass solutions also include repairs and replacement of the framing around the glass perimeter. We are licensed and insured to handle installations or repairs in new and existing commercial establishments, from shopping malls, multi-story commercial buildings, industrial complexes, and apartment complexes.

Storefront Glass Services

Your storefront tells anyone who passes through your doors – or on the side road – a lot about your brand. That said, you want to ensure that it is as attractive as possible and that it resonates with your brand. Now imagine the impact that a cracked or broken storefront panes can have on your business. At Lightning Glassworks & Screens, we are dedicated to providing unbeatable storefront glass repairs and replacements. We invest in the best-in-state glass professionals who can handle any task, ranging from a full do-over of the storefront or replacing a cracked glass. We know time is money and we highly value yours. That’s why our technicians will work tirelessly to make sure we beat deadlines. That reduces downtime and enables you to return to work within the shortest time possible.

Single-Pane Window Repair

Several reasons may result in broken window glass. It may be due to a storm, burglary, or a careless child with a ball. A single-pane window features one glass pane fitted on a wooden frame. The glass is attached to the window using glazing at different points. Without replacing the glass, properties become less energy-efficient leading to steep monthly utility bills. We handle every procedure with caution and adhere to safety standards. Our technicians will carefully remove the broken glass as well as the old glazing. Depending on whether it is wooden or made of glass, we will use the right cutting and scouring tools, respectively. We aim to restore the appearance and functionality of your single-pane window in a jiffy.

Double-Pane Window Repairs

Are you noticing one of the glasses in your dual-pane window fogging up or has a crack? Worry not, because we are here to provide top-tier glass repair Stratmoor for double-pane windows with vinyl or aluminum framing. An advantage of repairing a faulty or broken dual-pane window is that you need not replace both the panes, but only the window seal. This process works for regular glass as well as the tempered double-pane insulated units commonly found in patio doors. Our professional team of window experts understands the steps to remove the old seal or broken glass. We will measure the width and height of the window and advise you on the right replacement size. We will then install the new panel with a new seal to the dual-pane window.

Window Screens

Window screens help keep bugs or flies away from your home. They also help in filtering the sun rays, which minimize their intensity. If your window screen rips or gets torn, it is possible to repair it, so long as the frame is intact. Lighting Glassworks and Screens’ window screen experts know to work with different types of screen materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, and pet-resistant fabric. They will replace the old window screen with a precision-cut counterpart and secure it firmly with the right tension – all that within a straightforward and consumer-centric transaction.

About Lightning Glassworks & Screens

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a family-owned company that specializes in providing superior glass and window solutions. One thing that has given the company a competitive edge is its high dedication to offering quick emergency glass repairs and window screen replacement services. It is a leading company in the sector with three decades’ worth of industrial experience. Over that time, we have offered unbeatable, timely, and cost-effective window replacement and installation services for clients across the Colorado Springs region, both in residential and commercial properties.

We are a reputable glass and window screen specialists who are glad to serve the greater Colorado, Springs, as well as Southern Colorado and the region stretching along I-25 toward the southern limits of Denver.

What Makes Us Special?

We leverage our success in our commitment to offering quality services in the shortest time possible. We are a family-owned business that prides itself on friendly culture and values that have been passed from generation to generation. We are a licensed and certified glass and window company that provides mobile services. That means we come to you to work on your window issues.

We help you get back to work within the shortest time, by providing low downtime on our projects. Count on us to offer emergency 1-day repair services for double-pane windows and window screen repairs and 1-7 working days for non-emergency window and screen repairs.