Double pane units are amazing – they keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They ensure that noise from the outside stays out there. And, they are much better than putting storm windows on your house every time the seasons change.
However, a common problem double pane glass has is that the seal around the unit can break. When the sun or rain breaks through the seal around the glass, this allows moisture to seep in between the two panes of window glass. The energy efficiency of the house is impaired, and the windows are damaged.
Many window glass companies try to sell homeowners on new replacement windows. Although Lightning Glassworks does install vinyl replacement windows too, we have a better solution for fogged glass.Rather than installing an entirely new window, we simply replace the damaged broken glass using the following process:Lightning Glassworks is a mobile service. We travel to you!

  1. Contact us to get a free estimate & set up an appointment.
  2. We will measure the window and manufacture it.
  3. Your new glass will be installed; the window will be repaired in as a little as one business day.

No messy clean up. No damage to paint or trim. We even take your old glass with us and dispose of it safely.

Lightning Glassworks is insured and licensed. If your home or business is facing other glass and window issues, we can fix that too.

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