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Fixing Hail damage for 30 years

Need some help with Fountain Colorado glass repair? On June 12, 2018 a massive hail storm with golf-ball sized hail ripped through Fountain, Colorado. As with most hail storms, many windows in homes and businesses were damaged.

Lightning Glassworks is ready to help all homeowners & business owners repair their window glass and window screens.

Call 719-649-4001. We are the fastest double pane glass repair, single pane glass repair, window repair, window replacement window screen service in Colorado Springs and Fountain, Colorado.

With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured we will repair your window screens, replace your window, and fix broken glass the right way, the first time.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens offers replacement windows, window repair and window screen repair service. We are family owned and operated. We believe in honesty and integrity.

If shattering window glass and shredded window screens are a problem for you because of the hail storm in Fountain, Colorado & El Paso County, then it is time to give Lightning Glassworks & Screens a call today.

Lightning Glassworks specializes in fast, quality repairs for all window types. Call us to get a free estimate!

We can repair your glass – saving you lots of time and money – within one business day for emergency service.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens can also replace your window or fix damaged vinyl & aluminum window pieces.

If your window screens are missing or bent, we can rescreen them or replace them with beautiful new ones.

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Do you need of glass window repair in Fountain, Colorado? There’s never a good time for your window glass break, but with our help, there’s no reason to worry.

fountain colorado glass repair broken glass hail storm

Don’t get cut on broken glass from a hail storm. Ask Lightning Glassworks for help with Fountain Colorado glass repair

1) Don’t Stress over Fountain Colorado glass repair

When glass breaks from hail damage, heat stress or an accident, it can be stressful. But instead of worrying, DO something about it as soon as possible.

2) Give Us a Call & Relax

Call the family owned & family operated glass repair professionals at 719-649-4001. Or, you can also send us an email to get the get your window glass repair as soon as possible. It only takes a minute to schedule a service call, which is where one of our experienced staff will visit you your home to learn more about the problem. Once you’ve called us and scheduled a time when we can visit, you can sit back and relax. We’ll take care of all the Fountain Colorado glass repair so its fixed right the first time.

Our glass repair process

  1. Call 719-649-4001
  2. We can quote over the phone if you have rough measurements.
  3. Schedule a time to measure your broken window glass for repair or replacement.b Or, if you prefer, we can measure the window from the outside of your home while your at work or away from home.
  4. We’ll custom manufacture a new double pane glass unit or order a new vinyl replacement window.
  5. Schedule a time to repair or replace your El Paso County window.

3) Don’t Try DIY Fountain Colorado glass repair

Whatever you do, don’t try window glass repair or window replacements by yourself. Window glass is dangerous, and it’s very, very easy to make a problem worse if you’re not certain what you’re doing. Lightning Glassworks & Screens has more than 30 years working with window screens and broken glass.

4) Help Us Help You with Fountain Colorado glass repair

When it comes to scheduling window repair, you have to make sure that everything is convenient for you. Would you like us to measure from the outside while you’re not at home? Or, would you like to be there for measuring and installation? Give us sufficient time to assess the issues with your window, at a time that’s comfortable for you. We’re friendly and knowledgable and we’d be happy to help you.

We may also be able to repair your problem there and then during the estimate. But if it’s a more serious problem, we’ll have to come back another day. For example, it could be a repair that will physically take longer than we have on that day. Or, it could be something that we don’t have the parts readily available for.

5) Tell Us What You Want

When we make our service call, we don’t have to repair what you already have. We could replace your window unit entirely with another that’s more energy efficient. It depends on what you want.

Naturally, it’s normally cheaper to repair your broken glass unit. But if it’s already 10 years old, the sun or other elements may have damaged the window beyond repair. That’s why it might make more sense to replace it now. It might cost you more right now, but you’re going to be saving money in the future. Plus, you can replace your window with one that’s more efficient — you’ll be taking advantage of double savings!

The point is that when we make our service call, we’ll tell you what’s wrong. But at the same time, we’ll also ask you what you want, so tell us. We understand that not everybody has savings lying around that they can spare to replace their entire house full of glass windows, so if you’d rather take a cheaper option, all you have to do is say so!

Why Pick Lighting Glassworks & Screens?

There isn’t much more to say about how the process works- –  all that’s left after you tell us what you want is for us to actually do it! But we understand that Colorado Springs, Colorado window repair is a big job. It’s not something that you hire any old help for. There’s a lot of thought that goes into hiring a contractor like us. So why should you pick Lighting Glassworks & Screens, and what sets us apart from the rest?

  • Between us, we have 30+ years of experience working with windows just like yours. We’ve seen it all, repaired it all and replaced it all!
  • We’re a local business based right here in El Paso County, Colorado.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured.
  • We offer an emergency glass repair service, so if you need quick glass repair, we can help!
  • Before we start work, we offer an accurate and fair written estimate for the work you’d like us to do.
  • We only use top quality materials in all of our work, because once we fix something, we want it to stay fixed.

And besides that, we like to think that our staff is friendly and approachable too. We promise to treat every one of our customers like family, which is how we earn repeat business here in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security, Widefield, Peyton and the surrounding area.

If you’re unsure whether we’re the right window replacement crew for you, all you have to do is give us a call at 719-649-4001 and have a quick chat with us. You’ll quickly find out whether we are right for you!