Window Screens

Why the need for new replacement window screens or window re-screens?

Window screens offer several benefits including:

  • Keeping insects and other pests outside while allowing you enjoy the fresh air.
  • Keeps your home or business more comfortable by protecting it from sun heat.
  • Keeps you safer and more comfortable by reflecting heat, especially in dry Colorado weather
  • Keeps your home looking beautiful and complete.
  • A pet can damage screen; we have special, ultra-tough “pet screen” that can minimize screen damage from pets or hail.

What are new window replacement screens?

A new window screen is completely new screen, frame and screen cloth. A new window screen is needed if the screen frame is damaged in any way, if the screen frame is bent, or if you’re missing window screens.

What are window re-screens? What is window screen repair?

A window re-screen helps you save money while still offering the benefits of a window screen. We pick up your gently used screen frames, take them back to our shop, install new screen cloth, complete any other repairs and bring back the window screens and re-install them.torn-window-screen-hail-repair-colorado-springs

When can window screens be installed?

First, contact us. We’ll schedule a time during business hours, usually within 1 day of your call, to inspect & measure the windows that need new window screens or window-re-screens. Once you give approval, we’ll manufacture new window screens or re-screen the existing window frames. For re-screens, we normally pick up the frames on our first visit for higher efficiency and quality. Once the manufacturing is done, we call you and pick a time a to install. A window screen installation normally takes 1-7 business days to manufacture and install. Please note our installation policies. You may or not need to be home for new window screens and window re-screens. We can often do all the work from the outside, but homes and businesses vary. We’ll work with you gain entry into the residence, and work according to your schedule. We work with lock boxes, tenants, homeowners and property managers frequently and understand how to schedule to meet your unique needs. Please note our installation FAQ.

Total time: 7-14 business days

Where does Lightning Glassworks & Screens install window screens?

We service apartment buildings, commercial complexes, businesses and residential homes.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens installs new window screens or window re-screens in Colorado, including the following places:

  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Fountain, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • and more!

How does the replacement window screen process work?

Once we schedule a time for picking up window re-screens or measuring for new window screens, we’ll then go back to our shop for manufacturing. We custom make new window screens according to our measurements. For window re-screens, we normally pick up the window screen frames that need repaired on the first visit to your home or business. Screen cloth can be very finicky and tricky. Screen frame is very flexible, and ensuring that screen cloth is stretched tight in the frame is an intensive process that can take years to fully master. After your window screens are fully screened, we schedule a time for installation, install the window screens, clean up any mess (usually minor) and bill you on-site. We accept check, cash or credit card.