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A broken glass window doesn’t have to be the source of stress for you. Letglass-repair-castle-rock-80104-80108-80109- the experts at Lightning Glassworks & Screens of Castle Rock, Colorado work on your windows by doing the necessary repair and replacement as quickly and professionally as you deserve. There are numerous reasons why you should fix your broken glass windows promptly. Among the most pressing reasons is the need to keep your family safe. Secondly, the gaping holes in your windows will be entry points for the elements, nasty bugs and mosquitoes and more – you certainly don’t want these in your house.

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Window repair services

Fogged glass repair Castle Rock

One problem with fogged windows is that you can’t see through them: a dog can’t see the intruders, and you can’t see your kids playing outside. Fogged windows look very much like those frosted glasses on bathroom windows; minus the decorations of course!

You end up with fogged windows when the seal on the window fails, allowing air from the outside to penetrate the glass unit. The air brings moisture with it, thus forming a film or condensation on the inside of the glass. The moisture — and ugly effect it brings with it — will never disappear by itself. Luckily, you can take advantage of our professionals’ experience and expertise to rid the fog from your windows with glass repair Castle Rock.

Balance lifter and window spring replacement

Balance lifters are hidden components of your windows whose importance only becomes apparent when they malfunction. They are only found in single or double hang windows and they help you with the overall weight of the window’s sash as you close and open the panels. They also serve to hold the overhead sash of your double hung windows when they are closed or not in use. If your single or double hang windows are experiencing problems when opening and closing, there is a strong likelihood the balance lifters or window springs are faulty. You can trust us to replace your problematic balance filters conveniently from wherever you are in Castle Rock.

Window replacements

Signs that you need to replace your windows

  • high energy bills because your old windows have lost their insulation properties;
  • drafts and chilly breezes enter your house because of bad frames or cracks on the glass;
  • your double pane glass windows feel cold when you touch them;
  • difficulty in closing and opening the window;
  • your last DIY replacement attempts failed.
  • Your windows could be aged or old fashioned.

No matter what the reason, you can hire the expert window replacement professionals from Lightning Glassworks & Screens.

Commercial glass repair Castle Rock

When the glass windows on your commercial building breaks, you want the repair to begin as fast as possible so that your business can continue its activities unaffected. It can involve anything made of glass: mirrors, tabletops, storm doors, interior partitions, skylights, reception area entrances, doorways and enclosures, office or storefront windows. Our professionals work with an array of materials, including flat, float, security, or tempered glass. We get to work as soon as you call us, inspect the building and provide a free estimate. We understand the value of timeliness!

Storefront glass

The gigantic size and thickness of the storefront glass calls for a specialized repair. Storefront glass is one of the most critical parts of your store because it can attract or repel the customers – it is through the glass that customers can see what you are selling, but they certainly don’t want to transact in a store with a poorly maintained glass. Besides the impression, you may need to repair your storefront glass to prevent bloated energy bills, strengthen security, or boost its versatility. We are eager to provide our expertise and help your store achieve its full potential by making repairs on your storefront glass.

Single pane glass repair Castle Rock

A disoriented bird, a hailstorm, an errant baseball – all can end up with a broken windowpane. For both aesthetic and safety reasons, the glass repair needs to shoot to somewhere on top of the to-do list. If you have ever tried fixing broken single pane glass yourself, you might have learned how hard it is. Replacing broken glass requires patience, caution, and skill. You may consider reserving this job for qualified professionals, especially if your panes are large. Our professionals are the right people to work on your single pane glass regardless of the size. Give us a call, and let’s get started.

Double pane glass repair Castle Rock

Double pane windows have two panes of glass. This category of glass is prone to two problems: fogging and cracking. Fogging occurs when the seal loses its integrity and permits air and moisture into the dead area between the two panes. Cracking can occur when there is an imbalance in pressure or heat between the two panes. There are plenty of DIY repair tricks out there, but most of them are not long-lasting. Therefore, you better leave this window repair to qualified professionals as well. We will inspect your double pane glass windows or broken patio door glass and give you proper advice on how they need to repair them.

Window screens

Window screens play an important role in keeping insects out of your house when the windows are open. Window screens can easily get torn or punctured. But damaged window screens should not be a source of worry if the frame is still in good shape. We can repair window screens by re-screening them. Window re-screens are faster, easier and more affordable than a whole new window screen.

However, if the window screen frame is compromised, we will need to install a new frame to give your window screens a functional foundation. We understand how badly you need to keep the roaming bugs out of your house: that’s why we will send the best of our experienced professionals to fix the window screens for you.

Nothing is as reassuring as knowing glass window experts are doing repair work for you. It is more comforting when you know that those repair services come to your location anywhere in Castle Rock. If you require any window repair or window replacement, contact us.