Safety Glass Repairs

Why the need for Safety glass repair?

Double pane safety glass or single pane safety glass is the standard for patio doors, glass within 18″ of a doorway, glass over a bathtub, or glass 6″ up off a deck. Safety glass is durable, energy efficient, and offers better protection. Safety glass is more expensive than regular glass, and is required by law for many homes or buildings, depending on the application.

Safety glass prevents the window from cracking. A cracked window could split off into large chunks of glass and cause serious injury. Safety glass cracks into little pieces of glass that prevent injury but cause large messes.


A double pane safety glass unit is two pieces of safety glass, separated by a metal spacer, and sealed together to form a unit. In between the two pieces of safety glass, an air pocket is formed. This air pocket provides insulating value.

If the seal on a double pane window fails, this allows moisture in the air to seep in between the pieces of glass. This is why some windows look foggy, or it looks like there is rain on the glass all the time. Over time, the minerals in the moisture will etch the glass and leave mineral spots on the inside of the window. It is not possible to remove the moisture or mineral spots.

Since a double pane unit is made of two pieces of safety glass, this means either one or both sides of glass can break, or develop defects. If the interior side or exterior side of glass breaks, the only option to repair double pane safety glass unit is to measure the glass, manufacture a new double pane safety glass unit, and swap the old double pane safety glass unit out for the new one. You are never left without a patio door or window.

What is Safety Glass Repair?

The only option to repair safety glass is to measure the glass, order new safety glass, manufacture a new double pane glass unit, and switch the old double pane safety glass unit out for a new one. You are never left without a window. It is not possible to replace just one side of the glass unit. The seal holding the two pieces of safety glass together is very strong; attempting to cut this seal will break both pieces of glass and is very dangerous for our workers.

Repairing safety glass is just as effective as replacing the whole door or window, but less expensive, takes less time to install and is less messy. This saves you time, money and hassle!

When can my safety glass be repaired?

A safety glass repair normally takes 4 business weeks for inspecting, ordering, measuring and repairing.

Where does Lightning Glassworks & Screens offer safety glass repair?

We service apartment buildings, commercial complexes, businesses and residential homes.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens offers safety glass repair in Colorado, including the following places:

  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Fountain, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • and more!

How does the safety glass repair repair process work?

First, contact us. We’ll schedule a time during business hours, usually within 1 day of your call, to inspect & measure the patio door glass unit repair that you need repaired and give you a quote. Once you give approval, we’ll measure the safety glass, order the safety, glass go to our shop and manufacture a safety glass double pane unit. We’ll then schedule a time to install the new double pane safety glass unit.

You may or not need to be home for safety glass repair. Safety glass repairs can sometimes be completed from the outside; homes and businesses vary. We’ll work with you gain entry into the residence, and work according to your schedule. We work with lock boxes, tenants, homeowners and property managers frequently and understand how to schedule to meet your unique needs. If you can give us approval on our initial visit to measure, we can make arrangements to complete the repair fully from the outside by completing the initial cutting out of the safety glass on the first visit.

Once we arrive at your residence or business, we’ll ring the doorbell, bring in our tools, cut out the old safety glass, install the new safety glass, complete the repair and clean up any mess. Please note our installation FAQ.

After your safety glass is fully repaired, we bill you on-site. We accept check, cash or credit card.