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Monument Colorado lies between Colorado Springs and Denver. It has a population of about 7,065. It remains one of the exciting areas to live in Colorado. Many of the homes in Monument are located in a rural area, but the town is just off I-25 making it an ideal location to live & work. The majority of the population in Monument are young professionals who own homes. With fantastic recreation centers and highly rated schools, it is also suitable for young

Lightning Glassworks & Screens; we are here for you

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is the ideal company to contact for all your glass repair Monument. We serve businesses and families who are looking for window installation, window repair, and window replacement services. We also guide you on the best glass windows for your home or commercial building. Nothing causes inconvenience like broken glass, foggy glass, or loose glass, but at Lightning Glassworks & Screens, we have the solution. Our numerous services include:

Window replacements

When you contact us for window replacement, we give you an estimate for free. Besides, we give you an appointment so that we can take the measurements for new windows. The whole process takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on what is needed to replace the window.

With rich experience of 30 years in window repairs and window replacements, we act fast, just like our name says. A broken window poses insecurity and energy inefficiency in your home. That’s why you get a quick response from us after you contact us. Our goal is to offer excellent services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Foggy Window Repair Services

Excessive moisture gets trapped between double glass panes of a commercial or residential building, causing foggy looking windows. This can change the whole look of your home – from vibrant to dull and old. If you are trying to sell the house, you can be sure no one will be impressed with fogged window glass.

The fogginess will not disappear without help, and you have to seek glass repair service to help with defogging windows. Call us for this service, and we will leave your window looking sparkling clean. At Lightning Glassworks & Screen, we use a process that removes moisture trapped between thermal pane and double pane windows. Our process is the following:

  1. We measure the fogged double pane glass.
  2. We manufacture a new double pane glass unit.
  3. We swap out the old glass with the new glass. You are never left without a window, and your window frame stays intact.

Balance Lifter and Window Spring Replacement

Balance lifter replacement is essential as your home ages. Our window spring replacement service offers firm support and easy control over windows, including large ones. Most window lifters are made of steel, ensuring reliability and longevity. After you contact us for a balance lifter replacement, we will visit your house for measurements, provide a free estimate and repair the window springs.

Single Pane Glass Repair and Double Pane Glass Repair Monument

We can repair both single pane glass and double panes, even if the damage is extensive. The double-pane is more energy-efficient and durable than single pane glass. They are two pieces of glass that are separated using a metal space but sealed to create a strong unit. We will assess the extent of damage on either your single pane or double pane glass and let you know ideal repair options.

Window screens

Window screens prevent insects, heat, and pests from intruding in your space. Contact us for new window screens, window re-screening, or window screen repairs. Window screens can be used on windows or patio doors. Besides, we also have special window screens for pets to prevent damage. We will help you choose the most suitable one for your home or office. These glass accessories come in various designs and colors, and it’s therefore easy to find something that matches your needs.

Storefront Glass and Commercial Glass Repair Monument

Storefront glass is not just for aesthetic appeal but also enhances security. If broken, it can cause a massive mess to your business. We will repair your storefront glass in less than a week if possible. We try to have it fixed correctly within the shortest time possible but some repairs may take more time because of double pane glass (which requires replacement of both sides of the glass), or tempered safety glass (which takes longer to manufacture).

Choose Lightning Glassworks

We Repair Your Glass Effortlessly

We at Lightning Glassworks & Screens will fix your glass fast and ensure your business gets back on its feet effortlessly. Whether it’s your storefront glass, window glass repair, or window replacement or window screen installation, we got you covered.

Our Glass Is High Quality

We replace broken and damaged glass with high-quality options. We make sure it matches your original glass. We value quality and thrive on customer satisfaction.

Excellent turnaround time and speedy repair

Most of our services in repairs are done within one to seven days. But we also have an emergency turnaround service where tasks are completed within 1 business day.

Even window replacements can be completed within an industry best 2-4 weeks.

Our Customer Service responds fast & professionally

Lightning Glassworks & Screens has a professional customer support team to ensure your calls are answered and possible solutions offered immediately. We are a trusted company to give you a quick, quality solution for glass repair Monument, Colorado.

Free Estimates

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is there for you when you have a problem with your window or patio door glass. During this time, confusion tends to set in as you try to look for a quick solution. We step in and offer free estimates before proceeding to take measurements and fixing the problem.

Rich Experience

Lightning Glassworks is a family-owned and family operated company, established in 1990. We have a culture of ensuring customer satisfaction, regardless of how big or small a project is. With almost three decades of experience in window repairs and window replacements, you can trust us to work on your residential or business premises for window and patio door glass.

Our name says it all: our services are as quick as lightning. But, we also ensure replacements and home window repairs are done right—this a team of professionals who strive to offer the best services efficiently.

Talk to us for commercial glass repair, window replacement, and all other glass needs for your residential home. Ask us questions, and our friendly staff will answer and help you make the best choices. We are here for you throughout the week.