Glass Repair Black Forest, Colorado Springs 80921

Black Forest, located slightly north of Colorado Springs, gets its name from the thick growth of Ponderosa Pine trees in the relatively small space. The area reminded a German settler of the Black Forest from his home, hence the designation. Today, Black Forest is home to about 14,188 people, and has a median home cost of $574,700. Your home is a valuable asset and should be treated like one. Only a professional repair company can promise the high-quality results you

For homeowners in Black Forest, finding the right company to handle your home repairs is important for the life of your investment. For professional glass repair in Black Forest, Colorado Springs, the specialists at Lightning Glassworks & Screens offer a full range of commercial and residential glass repair services, including window replacement, and window screens. With over 30 years of experience handling the glass repair problems of the Black Forest/Colorado Springs area, Lightning Glassworks & Screens can handle all your repair and replacement issues.

Glass Repair Black Forest: Mobile service direct to Your Home

Your home is your haven from the outside world. It could be a single-family home that you own or a rented apartment or house. Whatever you call home, when you need your windows repaired or replaced, you need someone who can come to you. We offer home service, so we can take care of your problem more efficiently.

At Lightning Glassworks & Screens, Black Forest is our home, too. We offer a comprehensive range of services to the residents of Black Forest, Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

Fogged Window Repair

Glass doors and windows look great when they are new. But over time, they can start to look cloudy. This ruins the look of your door or window, but replacements can be expensive. Why does this occur? The reason your double pane doors and windows get a cloudy look has to do with what is between those layers of glass. When they are new, your double pane glass fixtures hold a layer of gas between the glass panes. This is typically simply air and insulates the window to lower the amount of heat that is lost. When your windows look foggy, the seal that protects the layers has been compromised. Condensation forms between the panes and causes the cloudy appearance.

If your double pane glass window has become foggy, you should consider glass repair instead of complete window replacement. Repair for your fogged glass is much less expensive than replacing the window. The professionals at Lightning Glassworks & Screens can remove the original window, and manufacture a new double pane unit creating a new tight seal and thus removing the condensation mess. Then, they will replace the old pane with the new double pane restoring the beauty of your window.

Balance Lifter Replacement

The job of a window balance is to prevent a panel from falling down after it’s been lifted. Considering the weight of some large windows, this can be quite a task. Modern window balances are categorized by the amount of weight they are able to lift.

When your window refuses to stay open, you probably need to have a balance lifter replacement. We offer a complete range of replacement services for all brands, materials, and styles, so you can enjoy a little fresh air whenever you want.

Window Replacement

As your windows age, they lose their good looks and ability to effectively seal the weather out. Leaks form, allowing the outside temperatures inside. This makes it hard to keep your home comfortable and raises your heating and cooling bills during the effort.

Modern windows offer a much better seal from the outside weather. The professionals at Lightning Glassworks & Screens can help you determine which windows will work best for your home. We offer window replacement services for your old or damaged windows in Black Forest and many other areas of Colorado Springs.

Commercial Glass Repair Black Forest

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Whether they own the building or rent, they must make sure it is kept in proper condition for health and safety reasons. One area that must be kept in good repair is your windows.

If you have commercial windows that are damaged, it affects the security of your business. What starts out as a small crack can quickly spread across the pane, causing parts of the windowpane to break off. Until the window is fixed, it will have to be boarded up, so no one gets injured.

We offer a full array of commercial glass repair services, so your business can always look its best. Whether you have basic windows or large plate glass windows, we can fix your windows quickly, so you can get back to work.

Double Pane Glass Repair Black Forest

Windows can have a single pane of glass or multiple layers. A double pane window can help insulate your home from the intense heat or cold outside. But, as they age, you may need to seek repair services, to keep them looking and performing at their best.

We offer repair services cracked, foggy, or broken double pane glass. This is much less expensive than having the windows replaced and offers performance that is just as effective. With in-house fabrication, we are able to offer fast turn-around. We can provide you with an estimate, measure, and install your windows in a single business day for emergencies.

We can even provide tempered safety glass for patio door glass repairs.

Window Screens

Your window screens allow you to fill your house with fresh air from outside without letting all the bugs in, too. Screens can get damaged, allowing an entrance for unwanted insects.

When you need a new screen for your window or patio door, Lightning Glassworks & Screens can re-screen or manufacture new screens for you. If you have pets that cause problems with your screens, we have pet screen available that can keep them from harming your window screens.

It’s important to keep your windows in good shape. It can help you stay more comfortable in your house, save you money on your utility bills, and keep your home looking great. Contact Lightning Glassworks & Screens today for more information about our glass repair services.