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glass-repair-palmer-park-colorado-springs-80909Glass repair Palmer Park, Colorado Springs

Elevation Outdoor Magazine rated Palmer Park, CO, as the Best Urban Park in the Best of Rockies 2017 list. The views of the mountains, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas are enough to keep you mesmerized for as long as you desire. The area also ranked as the 17th most walkable neighborhood in Colorado Springs.

But away from all this beauty, homeowners in Palmer Park, Colorado Springs have one problem in common. Lack of quality glass repair, window replacement and window screen services. No worries. Lightning Glassworks & Screens is here to save the day.

Services for glass repair Palmer Park

Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a professional glass repair company dedicated to providing quality glass services to residents of Palmer Park, Colorado Springs. Our services include but not limited to fogged window repair, balance lifter replacement, window replacements, commercial glass repair, storefront glass, single pane glass repair, double pane glass repair, and window screens.

Established over 30 years ago, our company has undertaken glass repair, window replacements, and repaired window screens glass on commercial and residential properties to perfection.

Our Customers

  • Residential homeowners
  • Commercial buildings
  • And anyone who has a window

What Kind of Window and Glass Repairs Do We Service?

Glass unit fogged?

Our team of professionals will measure your glass and replace it. No need to take out the frame. We can swap your old, fogged double glazed unit into a sparkling new, insulated unit.

Glass shattered or cracked?

Once more, your window frame stays put. Our technicians take a measurements of your Palmer Park, Colorado Springs window and measure it up for a new window unit. Our service technicians then get back to you within up to 24 hours to install your new glass.

Single Pane Glass vs. Double Pane Glass

Used in buildings made before 1970, single pane glass is one piece of glass in a light aluminum frame. These older window models are cheaper and quicker to repair. However, what they make up for in cost, they lose in durability and efficiency.

Double pane glass is the standard for most windows built after 1970. These versions are durable, energy efficient, and offer more protection compared to the single pane counterparts. Since they are two panes of glass, they are a little more expensive to repair.

Glass breaks, but our customer service does not. After scheduling for measurements, our team normally will get back to you within 1 day of your call. A quick on-site inspection helps us give you a quote, and the repairs start as soon as you are ready. You may not even need to be home for window repair or glass replacement; we can often work from the outside.

We can provide tempered safety glass repairs for patio door glass.

Try Our Plexiglass

If you are wondering what exactly is Plexiglas, there is a simple answer. Plexiglass is a great alternative to glass invented in the last century. The material has 17x the strength of normal glass but half the weight. In addition, Plexiglass is transparent, shatterproof, flexible, and strong.

The versatility of Plexiglass makes it usable in:

  • Windows
  • Safe Spaces and Furnishing
  • Gardening
  • Art Projects

If you are looking for Plexiglass services in Palmer Park, Colorado Springs Lightning Glassworks & Screens™ has the knowledge and experience to help you install your Plexiglass perfectly.

Damaged Window Screen

Palmer Park, Colorado Springs has its fair share of insect infestation. A window screen may be your first line of defense against all those annoying bugs. When a small hole or tear in your window screen grows, it may call for replacing the screen fabric or the screen itself. This problem calls for two options: a new window replacement screen or a window re-screen.

New window replacement screens

A new window screen involves using a new screen, frame, and screen cloth. You need a new window screen when:

  • The screen frame is damaged in any way
  • The screen frame is bent
  • You are missing window screens

Window Re-screens

A window rescreen repair helps you save money while still offering the advantages of a window screen. A window re-screen involves using your slightly used screen frame, installing a new screen cloth, completing any other associated repair, and reinstalling them.

There, good as new.

However, like with all our services, you need to call first. After the usual site inspection, we will manufacture new window screens or re-screen the existing window frames.

Again, you may not need to be home for new window screens and window re-screens. Depending on your home, we can do all the work from outside.

Why Choose Us for glass repair Palmer Park?

We Will Fix Your Glass

Lightning Glassworks & Screens™ is here to fix your glass and help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. Whether you need a window replacement, glass repair Palmer Park, or a new window screen, we have your back.

Our fully trained fleet of expert technicians can carry out any work.

We Use Glass That Is as Good as the Original

We always make sure that the glass we install matches the specifications of the original.

At Lightning Glassworks & Screens we believe in quality over anything else.

We Have the Best Turnaround Speeds

Our normal turnaround time is 1-7 business days for window screens.

However, our EMERGENCY turnaround time is in 1 day for single and double pane glass repairs.

We Cover You With Our Customer Service

Lightning Glassworks & Screens™ is licensed, insured, and Compliance Depot approved. You can trust us for any Palmer Park, Colorado window repairs.

We Provide Free Estimates

Lightning Glassworks & Screens™ believes in giving you value for your money. Our customer care support is friendly and ready to help or listen to your query.

Contact us today for a free quote.