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Welcome to the Briargate community of Colorado Springs, a family-friendly area with breathtaking views of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. It’s a close-knit community, and one served by Lightning Glassworks and Springs. When you need glass repair Briargate Colorado Springs services, choose our company. With 30 years in the window replacement and window screens business, we know how to finish your job safe, and at a fair price. Here’s a little more information about our company and the solutions we deliver to you.

Fogged Window Repair

Not only are fogged windows unsightly, but they can also make your home less energy efficient. Your foggy glass is caused by a leak in between the double or triple panes of your window. Thermally insulated windows have an inert gas between the two panes, and when there’s a leak in the seal, the gas escapes and leads to fog in the windows. In the past, you’d have to replace the entire insulated glass panel, but now, with professional glass repair, you don’t have to fork out the cash for an expensive window replacement.

Defogging repair procedures produce cosmetic results that help improve the visibility of your windows but don’t actually fix the window. While there are DIY kits, we don’t recommend them, as they can be difficult to use and not produce the results you want. Instead, here’s the defogging approach we recommend that is affordable and long-lasting:

We replace the whole sealed double pane glass unit. Our local Colorado company manufactures our own double pane glass units.

First, we come to your home and take accurate measurements of the fogged glass. Then, we manufacture a new double pane glass unit: no compromises, no holes and a new seal. Next, we return to your home and swap out the old glass with the new glass. You are never left without a window.

Repairing a double pane window unit is effective and safe. It fixes the issue of foggy glass, restores the thermal value and ensures your home is fixed the right way.

Balance Lifter Replacement

Making your windows easier to operate with balance lifter repair is a snap for the technicians at Lightning Glassworks & Screens. When your window gets jammed or stuck, it can be hard to effectively open and close it. Sometimes, the balance lifter is too loose, which makes it hard to keep the window open. This can be especially dangerous for people with pets or small children, as the window can close on them unexpectedly.

Our balance lifter repair services fix the mechanisms that cause your window to open and close smoothly. We’ll assess what kind of damage you have and then use our 30+ years of knowledge and experience to quickly, safely, repair the damage. This can be much less expensive than replacing the entire window.

Window Replacements

Sometimes a window simply needs replacing. Or, maybe you’ve decided to upgrade your windows to more eco-friendly ones, with insulated Low-E panels to help reduce the cost of your heating and cooling. Upgraded and replaced windows keep your Briargate home cooler in the summer and warmer in the harsh Colorado winters. You’ll benefit from lowered energy bills, as well. If you have old, worn-out or hail damaged windows, give us a call. We can also offer recurring window replacement services for property managers, working with your budget to install and upgrade a set number of windows each month. If you aren’t sure the best type of window for your home or office, give us a call. Our experience has made it simple for us to asses your needs and finds windows best suited fr them.

Commercial Glass Repair Briargate, Colorado Springs

We don’t just fix or replace windows for homeowners. We also perform commercial glass repair, even in high-rise buildings. Our technicians are trained to carefully replace any type of commercial window, even ones with alarms.

Or, maybe you had damage from a vandal or just a customer who accidentally broke the window. We can come out right away to fix the damage and help you protect your property. We can also help when you’re remodeling your busies, safely removing the old windows and installing upgraded, energy-efficient windows or Low-E windows that help meet government standards, regulate temperature and make your business more comfortable.

Storefront Glass

Having a lovely plate glass window gives your business a professional look. When you’re able to display your wares for window shoppers, you attract more customers. However, large and heavy plate glass windows need an expert to install.

We use only top-quality materials and excellent glass design to ensure that your business is protected and professional. We can handle all your commercial glass fabrication, repair, and installation needs, no matter what size your window is. Our quality storefront windows add beauty and safety to your retail or office space. We help you select the best style to reflect your professional business.

Single Pane Glass Repair Briargate, Colorado Springs

Single pane glass isn’t as common as it used to be, which means that you need a glass repair Briargate Colorado Springs company with experience in repairing it. Single pan glass is most common in older buildings, typically those built before 1970. It’s less durable than double-paned glass and easier to break.

When you have a single pane glass break, we can typically get you replaced in a couple of days. However, we typically custom-cut a new piece of glass on-site, helping us repair your broken pane. You may also need to have the frame repaired, too, and that’s part of our services. No current manufacturer makes single pane windows anymore, so if we can’t repair the single pane window, you may need to completely replace the window.

Double Pane Glass Repair

Repairing a double-paned glass window is a little more tricky than repairing a single-paned one. But our local manufacturing process can easily make custom double pane glass units for your home or business. We can generally get your double-paned glass repaired in less than a week. When you have one pane in your double-paned glass break, however, you’ll need to replace both as the seal between the two is too strong to just replace one. However, fixing a double-paned window is much cheaper than an entire window replacement.

We can even provide tempered safety glass repairs for patio door glass.

Window Screens

Adding window screens or replacing and upgrading your screens can help reduce the number of pests and pollen that gets into your home. Screens can also help keep you safer and more comfortable, as they reflect heat away from your home or business and keep the interior cool.

We offer special, tough “pet-proof” screens that are more durable than regular screens. We know that pets can easily damage regular screens, so it’s important that you upgrade your home to prevent damage. We use your current screen frames, and install new screen cloth, making sure that they’re suited for your needs.