The best and easiest improvements for multi-family units to improve investment value include:

  1. Improve curb appeal:
    • Enhance the exterior appearance of the property to attract tenants and increase overall value
    • Focus on improving landscaping and green spaces by upgrading the lawn space and adding attractive features.
  2. Update common areas:
    • Enhance lobbies, hallways, and community spaces to significantly improve the value of multi-family units
    • Add fresh paint, modern furniture, and attractive lighting to make these areas more inviting and appealing to residents.
  3. Upgrade kitchens and bathrooms:
    • Renovate kitchens and bathrooms to have a substantial impact on the value of multi-family units
    • Update fixtures, add new tiles, and modernize the overall look.
    • Consider installing energy-efficient appliances and fixtures to improve the appearance and reduce operating costs while attracting environmentally conscious tenants.
  4. Enhance energy efficiency:
    • Implement energy-efficient measures to improve the value of multi-family units and reduce utility expenses
    • Upgrade insulation, replace old windows with energy-efficient ones, and install programmable thermostats.
    • These improvements not only reduce operating costs but also appeal to tenants who are conscious of their environmental impact.
  5. Window upgrades
    • Invest in window replacement to enhance energy efficiency and improve the overall appearance of the property.
    • Upgrading windows can help reduce utility expenses and improve the marketability of the units.
    • Upgrading to double pane glass for better insulation and noise reduction, providing added value to tenants.
    • Repair double pane glass or single pane glass as soon as possible if it breaks
      • Repairs to glass will prevent investment value decrease, ensure property inspections are completed quickly and increase tenant satisfaction

It’s important to conduct a thorough assessment of the property and consider the preferences and needs of the target market when determining which improvements to prioritize. Consulting with real estate professionals or property management experts can also provide valuable insights specific to your location and target audience.