Window Repair Colorado Springs

Why the need for window repair?

Windows, like any building material, require maintenance. Window parts are designed to wear out, and weathering, building stress and settling can damage windows. Hail damage, sun damage and constant wear and tear beat windows up.

The good news is that most windows can be repaired. Home inspectors, realtors, property managers and frugal homeowners are all customers that need window repair. Sometimes, a window is beyond repair and needs to be upgraded to a replacement window.

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What is window repair?

Window issues that can be repaired include:

  • Windows that don’t stay up or windows that won’t stay up
    • We repair the window lifter parts with brand new balancing rods, or other sliding window parts.
  • After a hail storm, glazing bead trim or vinyl around the window can be repaired or replaced, thus saving you from replacing an entire window.
  • Leaking or drafty windows can be weatherstripped or caulked.
  • Window cranks may not close the window anymore; window cranks often strip out. We can install new window cranks and ensure your windows for correctly.
  • Window tracks can become dirty or worn out. We can repair these issues.
  • Other window repairs include:

When can my window be repaired?

First, contact us. We’ll schedule a time during business hours, usually within 1 day of your call, to inspect & measure the windows that need repaired and give you a quote. Once you give approval, we’ll order the necessary parts to fix the window or repair the window with parts on hand. Please note our installation FAQ.

A window repair normally takes 1-14 business days for inspecting, ordering, shipping and repairing. You may or not need to be home for window repair. Glazing bead repairs, or vinyl frame repairs can often be completed from the outside, but homes and businesses vary. We’ll work with you gain entry into the residence, and work according to your schedule. We work with lock boxes, tenants, homeowners and property managers frequently and understand how to schedule to meet your unique needs.

Total time: 1-14 business days

Where does Lightning Glassworks & Screens repair windows?

We service apartment buildings, commercial complexes, businesses and residential homes.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens offers window repair in Colorado, including the following places:

  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Monument, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Fountain, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • and more!

How does the window repair process work?

Once we schedule a time for inspecting, measuring and/or quoting a window repair, we’ll either complete the repair on-site or order new window parts and materials. If an order is required, we’ll schedule a time to complete the final repairs. After your window are fully repaired, we clean up any mess (usually minor) and bill you on-site. We accept check, cash or credit card.