Glass repair Broadmoor, Colorado Springs 80906

Broadmoor is a district of Colorado Springs ideal to raise a family. With sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains and all the amenities that a large city like Colorado Springs provides, it’s easy to see why this is a desirable location to call home. Lightning Glassworks & Screens services business clients and residents of the area with all their window replacement and window screens needs. For those looking for glass repair Broadmoor Colorado Springs, look no further than this company with over 30 years of

Commercial Glass Repair Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

Our commercial glass repair services are for restaurants, offices, and retail stores, and we can even perform glass repair on taller, multi-story buildings. The technicians at our company are trained to perform any type of glass repair, including those that have alarms.

If you’ve sustained damage to your windows, whether through vandalism or from a customer accident, then turn to us. We can get out quickly, even in an emergency. If you’re remodeling your building, we can help with removing your old windows safely and effectively install the new ones you desire, no matter the size. We can also help you find energy-efficient windows that meet government standards.

Storefront Glass

Lovely plate glass windows are a great way to attract new customers, and let them view your goods. We recommend professional installation of these windows, as they’re quite large. Our company uses only the best materials so that your business is protected. Our quality storefront windows add beauty and safety to your retail or office space. No matter how big your plate glass is, we can install it fast. We can handle all your commercial glass fabrication, repair, and installation needs, no matter what size your window is.

Balance Lifter Replacement

Balance lifters allow your windows to open and close smoothly. If they jam, it’s hard to open them and they can break. A loose balance lifter can be dangerous if you have pets or small children on the house; the window can slam shut on them. When you choose Lightning Glassworks & Screens for your balance lifter replacement, you’ll get a technician with the skills and knowledge to quickly replace the part and get you moving again.

The team assesses the damage to your window and, with a thorough understanding of each variety, can simply give you a replacement, which avoids you having to shell out a lot of money to completely replace the window. We can fix any type of lifter, no matter how old the building.

Fogged Window Repair

Fogged windows occur when the seals between a double or triple-paned window weaken. These insulated windows are filled with an inert gas that prevents moisture build-up. When the seals weaken, the gas escapes and moisture accumulates between the panes. This creates foggy glass. In the past, foggy windows meant that you’d have to undergo a complete window replacement, but not anymore. With professional glass repair, Broadmoor residents can have their foggy windows fixed without springing for an expensive replacement.

Window defogging solutions: are they effective?

We don’t recommend you use a defogging kit yourself at home. These can be difficult to use, and if you do it wrong, you may need to replace the window completely. In addition, window defogging kits are often ineffective. The “repair” usually only lasts a short time. No defogging process can replace the thermal insulation property of the window. Small holes are drilled in the window, which allows the moisture to leave, then, an anti-fogging solution is inserted between the panes. After that, a liquid sealant is inserted and finally, the holes drilled are sealed.

A window defogging kit is ineffective because the seal of the glass is already ruined. The defogging kit does not fix the defective part of the seal. In addition, window defogging introduces a new defect to the glass: small holes. Not only does this further compromise the thermal value of the glass, it also compromises the integrity of the window. This can lead to a higher risk of window breakage.

A better solution for fogged window glass

Our solution for fogged window glass is more effective than defogging and nearly as affordable. We replace the whole sealed double pane glass unit, but we don’t replace the whole window frame. Our local Colorado company manufactures our own double pane glass units.

First, we come to your home and take accurate measurements of the fogged glass. Then, we manufacture a new double pane glass unit: no compromises, no holes and a new seal. Next, we return to your home and swap out the old glass with the new glass. You are never left without a window.

Repairing a double pane window unit is effective and safe. It fixes the issue of foggy glass, restores the thermal value and ensures your home is fixed the right way.

Single Pane Glass Repair Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

Single pane glass is rare now and is most often seen in homes that are more than 50 years old. This is because newer windows are double-paned and more energy efficient. Plus single-paned windows are easier to break. If you need single-paned glass replaced, we custom-cut the piece on our onsite workshop, then fit it to your frame, fixing the frame if necessary. We can typically complete the repair in less than a week, However, if the damage is too great then we recommend that you replace the window, and we can help with that, too.

Double Pane Glass Repair Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

Double-paned glass can be more time consuming to repair. We must make two trips to your residence: 1 to measure the glass and 1 to install the new double pane unit. When fixing double-paned glass, we replace both pieces, as the seal between the two panes of glass is very tough. It’s better to just replace the whole sealed unit. This is still a better alternative than replacing the whole window, and we’ll recommend doing that first.

We can also service tempered safety glass for patio door glass.

Window Replacements

No matter how hard we try, sometimes a window just can’t be fixed. Lightning Glass & Screens also offers window replacement services, whether you’re repairing a broken one or if you simply want to renovate, remodel, or upgrade your windows. These can help your house be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, something that our Broadmoor friends and neighbors may appreciate.

Old, worn-out windows or those damaged by hail make your home less energy efficient. We can help guide you to the right windows for your budget and personal taste. We also work with apartment community managers to upgrade the windows of the community, offering better security and lower energy bills for the company. We can do this slowly over a period of time and work with your schedule and budget.

Window Screens

If you have small children or a pet, you know they can be destructive for window screens. Upgraded screens, or adding them in the first place, lets you reduce the number of pests and amount of pollen that gets in the house. This makes it more pleasant. Plus, window screens are reflective and can reflect heat away from your home, making it more comfortable inside.

Lightning Glassworks and Screens offers especially tough “pet-proof” screens that are designed to be more durable than regular screens. Pets and small children can easily damage your screens. To replace your existing screens with these, we take your screen frames to our shop and fit the new screen cloth to them, then reinstall in your home.