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Your windows are your eyes onto the outside world and also say a lot about your home or business premises. Damaged glass can not only give a bad first impression. It can be dangerous, too. When you are looking for glass repair in Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs, you need a company that can deal with repairs quickly and ensure the perfect

At Lightning Glassworks & Screens, we offer professional glass repair and replacement services you can trust and have over 30 years of experience. Whether you require window replacement, single pane glass repair, commercial glass repair, or storefront glass, our team of experts is on hand to assist. Simply call us and we will get to you quickly to attend to the problem.

Fogged Window Repair

If you have noticed that moisture has started to build up between your window panes, our fogged window repair services can help you to see clearly once more. This problem usually indicates that there is an issue with the window seals. In many cases, repairs consist of replacing the insulated glass unit, so give us a call if you have noticed a problem. We will take accurate measurements, manufacture a new double pane glass unit and fit it with precision.

Balance Lifter Replacement

Window balance lifters are components that are somewhat hidden inside the frames of your windows. They are found in single and double-hung windows and provide a counterbalance that assists you when opening and closing sash windows. If you have noticed that your windows are becoming harder to open or close, get in touch with our team. We offer balance lifter replacement services that will ensure your sash windows operate beautifully once more.

Window Replacements

If you are considering window replacement to your home or commercial premises, we would be delighted to assist you. We have been replacing windows for over 30 years and offer fast, friendly and professional service. New windows come with a host of benefits, including better energy efficiency, improved aesthetics, and improved insulation.

We offer replacement windows that are manufactured to the highest industry standard and which come with Energy Star approval. To find out more about our window replacement services, speak to our team today to arrange a free estimate.

Commercial Glass Repair Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs

We have decades of experience in commercial glass repair and would be delighted to find out more about your requirements. Whether you are looking to fit out your entire premises with replacement windows or you urgently require new glass to one damaged window, our team can get to you quickly to assist. We have worked with many businesses throughout the Colorado Springs area, and have built a strong reputation for fast service and glass repair of the highest standard.

Storefront Glass

Your storefront window is often the first thing that your customers will notice about your business, especially if you are displaying goods in the window. Don’t let a damaged or fogged window make the wrong impression. We offer storefront glass repair and replacement that will ensure your store stands out and that your window displays can be seen clearly. One call to our team is all it takes to arrange glass repair or store window replacement.

Single Pane Glass Repair Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs

Whether you are looking for single pane glass repair or you would like to talk about replacing your single pane glass with double pane glass, our team is on hand to assist. We will never leave you without a window. One of the best things about our service is that we can often custom-cut a brand new section of glass on-site and repair the broken pane then and there.

Double Pane Glass Repair Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs

At Lightning Glassworks & Screens, we offer double pane glass repair of the very highest standard. Whether you have a broken window pane or you have noticed moisture building up between the panes, we have the remedy. To repair a double pane glass unit, we will need to replace the entire glass unit. The good news is that we can do this very quickly and will never leave you without a window. In addition, an entire window replacement is not required.We’ll measure, manufacture and fit your new unit, swapping out the old unit for the new one.

Lightning Glassworks is an expert at tempered safety glass repairs for patio door glass.

Window Screens

Your window screen does a great job of protecting your home from insects and other pests while allowing you to stay cool and comfortable. If you have noticed that your screen has become damaged, speak to our team today. We offer window screen repair and replacement that will ensure you can continue to enjoy all of the benefits that window screens have to offer.

Emergency Repairs

We can also offer a 1-day turnaround on any emergency window repair or replacement jobs. Whether you have a broken window at home that requires urgent assistance or your commercial premises has been the victim of a robbery or vandalism, our team can come out quickly to attend to the problem. We can often cut pieces of glass on-site ensuring we get the problem repaired as quickly as possible.

Fast and Efficient Glass Repair Rockrimmon Colorado Springs

With decades of experience in glass repair, window replacement and window screens repairs and replacement, you can trust us to provide exceptional service. We are a family-owned and operated business and offer fast, friendly, local service that you can trust. Over the years, we have built a solid track record for professional service, quick response, and affordable prices and we would be delighted to extend our services to you today.

To arrange an appointment with our team, get in touch with us today. We can provide a free estimate and get your window or window screens repaired or replaced to the highest standard. We will never leave you without a window and will find the best solution to the problem as quickly as possible.