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Plexiglass is a very resilient material, as much as 17x the strength of normal glass, but only half the weight.  Plexiglass is used for many applications, due to its low-maintenance properties, its affordability, and scratch-resistance.  You’ll often find it on business signs and windows—especially custom-shaped windows.  You can find Plexiglass services in Colorado Springs at Lightning Glassworks & Screens, catering to all sorts of industries, including boating, home, and commercial business.

No matter the scope, Lightning Glassworks & Screens has the experience and knowledge to help you realize your vision and to install your Plexiglass in the perfect way.

If Plexiglass sounds like the perfect material for your next home or hobby project, then you’re probably right.  We’ve gathered a few of the most popular applications for Plexiglass below, just to give you some ideas in regards to its versatility.

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A standout amongst the most essential properties of plexiglass is that it is a sturdy material. This and its relative glass properties make it the ideal substitute for glass sheets on windows. Truth be told, plexiglass windowpanes are simpler to keep up on the grounds that they don’t gather as much residue as conventional glass sheets. Likewise, plexiglass is impervious to sudden and unpleasant climate conditions, and does not break or stain because of rain, hail, wind, or high temps.  It is not just the climate that plexiglass can withstand. It is likewise safe to errant basketballs, golfballs, and baseballs; this implies your children can play without the risk of broken windows. For windows, plexiglass is a dependable and powerful material. Use of Plexiglass is subject to local and state laws. Some building and fire codes prevent the use of plexiglass in a home. Consult your local legal building code department for help. 

Safe Spaces and Furnishings

Since plexiglass likely won’t break on falls or blunt force, they will outlast just about everything else in the home and won’t need constant maintenance. Thus, plexiglass can be utilized to make tabletops, stools, rack covers, and other home decorations.

Gardening with Plexiglass Colorado Springs

Plexiglass is perfect for nurseries, and this applies to both expansive scale nurseries and little patio ones. Plexiglass has the two most imperative properties expected of nursery materials: the capacity to give clear light and safety against extreme climate. Since plexiglass is so smooth and clear, it guarantees an enduring stream of light into the nursery, enduring the climate conditions and elements. Add to this the toughness and cost of plexiglass and it winds up noticeably outstanding amongst other materials for building a viable nursery.

Art Projects

Plexiglass is lightweight, and it is anything but difficult to cut and shape. Besides, it doesn’t smash or break. It can likewise be painted to suit your requirements and is no issue to clean. This makes it the ideal material for expressions and artworks ventures. Plexiglass can be utilized for various home interior and stylistic layout ventures: it can be used on photograph encasings and glass on compositions, making them more portable and less demanding to clean. It can mold brilliant adornments, and it can likewise be utilized around the house and office, supplanting the regular white board.

Repairing and Caring for Plexiglass

Stay away from harsh cleaners that contain ammonia when cleaning Plexiglass Colorado Springs.  These products are abrasive and will dim your plexiglass.  There are special cleaners out there that are made specifically for plexiglass that you should use.  Avoid wiping plexiglass with your hand or a dry cloth, it is very easy to push dirt particles into the plexiglass, despite it having excellent resistant properties.  Some DIY’ers like to use a 1:3 detergent and warm water cleaning solution to remove any dirt or residue.

If you have really bad scratches on your plexiglass, you will be much better off taking it to a professional repair service.  It is possible to buff these scratches out yourself, but you would need experience using a buffing wheel, along with the proper buffing polish.

Plexiglass Limitations and Restrictions

Remember: Plexiglass is not DOT-approved because it shatters if hit hard enough.  Plexiglass is very flammable, and even though it isn’t considered to be a toxic hazard, it cannot be used for windows on an automobile.  Another reason is because of the way that plexiglass gets cloudy over long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which is an obvious safety issue.

Use of Plexiglass is subject to local and state laws. Some building and fire codes prevent the use of plexiglass. Consult your local legal building code department for help. 

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