Glass repair Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829

Manitou Springs is a Colorado suburb with a population of about 5,322 and an altitude of 6,412 feet. It is in El Paso County, where most residents are homeowners. Many retirees live here. Many residents are quite conservative. The majority of these homes are maintained well, and we are one of the companies that ensure homes look flawless. Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in fixing, replacing, and repairing windows in 80829

Free estimates. Reliable scheduling

Once you call us, we will give you a free estimate and schedule. Since we work between 7:30am and 4:00pm, we can schedule a time to look at your window on your schedule. Our services are mobile; we come to you, saving you the hassle of visiting a shop. We not only replace and repair your windows but also take away the waste with us. We clean up all cracked or broken glass, even large tempered patio doors that shatter. You can pay via credit card, cash, or through a check; even online payments are accepted.

Window Replacements

Manitou Springs experiences changes in weather throughout the year. And therefore you must keep your windows in good shape. A broken window will interfere with your air conditioning or heating system and lead to increased power bills. We can upgrade old windows and replace shattered ones for efficiency throughout the year. Lightning Glassworks & Screens is a team of skilled experts who work within your budget to give you the best solution possible.

Door Glass Repair Manitou Springs

When a patio door breaks, it causes a big mess. The law requires safety glass for patio doors, windows in a bathroom or windows near a door. Depending on the extent of the damage and our schedule, we have a one-week turnaround time for patio door repairs.

Window screen repairs

We repair commercial, home, and apartment window screens. If your window screen needs replacement or repairs, contact us for a free estimate. We are always glad to help out our clients with their window screens to keep insects and pests away.

Double Pane and Single Pane Glass Repair Manitou Springs

We can fix single panes within 1 day. You can call us, and it will only take about thirty minutes to finish the task. Most homes built in the 1970s have single panes. However, we also help in upgrading your home from single panes to double panes to enable you to save money on energy bills. We repair and install double panes too and work within your schedule.

Getting an appointment with Lightning Glassworks is hassle-free, and we can even work in your absence. However, for window installation or repairs, we prefer having you at home.

Fogged Windows

Glass windows and doors only look great when flawlessly clean. When they become foggy and appear cloudy, they lose their appeal. You do not have to replace the entire window; we have a solution for both single and double panes. Fogged glass is a common problem in double pane glass because the seal is broken due to heat exposure. Call us for the most affordable repair of foggy windows. We will replace the old double pane unit, leaving the frame intact, and the window looking as good as new.

Balance Lifter Replacement

A window balance ensures a window panel stays in place after being lifted. We assess your window and advise you on the best balance lifter replacement depending on the window’s weight. If a window has a problem with staying open, we will add a balance lifter. We help you choose from a wide range of materials, styles, and brands to enable you to enjoy the fresh air safety and conveniently

How Long Does It Take To Complete Glass Repair Manitou Springs?

Most of the time, we can assess your window and take measurements within the same day. We also have emergency services where we repair the window within 1 day after you call us. However, our standard turnaround time is one week for broken windows and 3-4 weeks for window replacements. If you have several broken windows, it may take more than our stipulated time. Holidays, weekends, and scheduling conflicts can also prolong the schedule of your repairs. However, rest assured that we are the fastest glass repair company in Colorado Springs. We meet your schedule and perform repairs “in a flash!”

Mobile service glass repair Manitou Springs, Colorado

Yes, we come to you because we offer mobile services. We save you from the hassle of dropping window frames or window screens for repair. Instead, we can give you an appointment to repair or re-install and meet you at your home, at your convenience. It is our business to find you the ideal solution. Just give us a call.

The Best Time to Have Your Windows Serviced In Manitou Springs

The best time to repair your glass windows and doors is when they get foggy, worn out, or broken. We can measure your windows from outside, especially for first-floor windows. However, fixing windows requires getting inside the house, and you must, therefore, be home. You can choose to have your glass windows fixed at any time your schedule permits. We work throughout the year, Monday-Thursday, except on holidays and weekends.

Why choose Lightning Glassworks & Screens?

We are a company that has been in window repair and glass replacement for three decades. It is family-owned and operated by people who value our customers. Anyone who hires us feels well-taken care of. Besides, below are a few more reasons why you should hire us when living in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Mobile Service

We bring glass repair and replacement services to your home or office. You do not have to come to our offices; our experts are mobile and ready to visit our customers to offer the required services.

High Standards of Safety

We do our work with high standards of safety. Our technicians are expected to wear the required PPE equipment: safety glasses, gloves and footwear. This is to ensure our employees and customers remain safe regardless of how involved a project is.


We offer timely services and will never fail to turn up once we give our customers an appointment. The only time we may take longer is when the manufacturing of a particular product takes more time than usual, but we will always strive to let our customers know in advance what to expect..

Our customers are like family. We will treat your home with a lot of respect. We will repair your home or office just like we would ours. All members of our staff are friendly and keen listeners. You can ask us questions and let us know if something doesn’t look right. Customer satisfaction is a priority.