Lightning Glassworks & Screens is open and operating. Our standard quality fast glass repair service is in effect. We still offer free estimates, fast window repair and amazing customer service. What has changed is that we have instituted precautionary measures:

Precautions for COVID-19/Coronavirus

  • Alcohol hand sanitizer is in all our trucks we send out, and in our manufacturing shop
  • We strive to keep a clean and tidy environment in our business, but we are now increasing cleaning services in our trucks, shop and office.
  • We require employees who are ill or at-risk to stay home. We will also send employees home at our discretion, as needed.
  • Technicians uphold the highest personal protection standards. They wear standard PPE: gloves, booties, and safety glasses.
  • We may stand further away from you than normal. This is called social distancing. It is recommended that all people stand 6 feet away from each other as much as possible.
  • Customers are encouraged to pay via credit card, so as to avoid the exchange of cash or paper checks. We offer online payment options.
  • We will not go to a customer is who ill. Are you coughing, have a fever or short of breath? Please go to your doctor, and cancel your appointment with us until you are feeling better. Your safety is a top priority.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Our policy for COVID-19 & Coronavirus

Lightning Glassworks & Screens has hand sanitizer in all our trucks we send out and in our manufacturing shop. If a technician or other employee is not feeling good, we require them to stay home, and we will send employees home to stay until they are better. We will NOT go to a customer who is ill.

Trusted Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has vital information for you and your family to stay safe. To learn more about symptoms and testing, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s webpage .

Thank you

Thank you for supporting Colorado small businesses during this difficult pandemic. Best of health to you and your family

~ The Lightning Glassworks & Screens family.