Apartment managers and home owners save money using recurring replacement window glass services

One of the best actions a home owner or apartment manager can take to save money & energy is to replace their windows. However, replacement windows can be expensive. This cost is multiplied when you have to replace all the windows in a property. There is a solution to this problem: Recurring window replacements.

This service allows you to spread out the cost of replacing your windows over a monthly or yearly basis. For example, an apartment complex may wish to replace all their windows on an annual basis. Replacing all the windows in a complex with 300 units would be prohibitive. Why? Lets consider a few reasons:


  • The owner of the apartments would be hard pressed to spend that much money on windows.
  •  A window replacement company may have difficulty in ordering such a large amount of windows and having the manpower to install them at a reasonable cost.
  •  Big box stores often hire shoddy contractors. Working through a window warranty process with large companies is a hassle.
  • Windows are often replaced every 5-15 years, meaning that the process above is continuously repeated.

Lightning Glassworks & Screens solves these problems by taking the stress out of the entire window replacement process.

  • Lightning Glassworks gives free, written estimates to property managers, apartment managers and owners.
  • At a convenient time for the tenant and apartment managers replacement window installation takes place on a recurring basis. Plenty of advance notice and planning is given to all parties involved.
  • Lighting Glassworks is a family owned & operated company: we stand behind our work. Customer service is vital to the success of our business, and we work extremely hard to please our customers.  We’ve been serving Colorado apartments & homes for over 25 years.
  • Our windows are covered by manufacturer guarantees and meet all Energy Star standard qualifications. If a manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty we do everything in our power to repair or replace faulty products. 

Contact Lighting Glassworks & Screens today to receive your FREE written estimate for window replacements. Talk to us about recurring window replacements. We can match your existing windows or colors, increase the resale value of your property — residential home or apartment complex — and ensure that your residence is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

And don’t worry if you only have a couple replacement windows or if you’d like to test us out first: Lighting Glassworks enjoys working with new customers. No job is too small or too big; we do them all! We also offer glass repair services for double pane and single pane windows, and window screen services.

Call us today for amazing customer service, incredible prices, and exceptional mobile glass and window repair or replacement. 

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